The sport of rallying is ONLY dangerous for those who don’t follow some simple rules…


Warning: Rally sport is attractive, but it can also be dangerous.

When you are at a rally event, basic security rules must be followed for your personal safety. Areas marked in red on the diagram are absolutely forbidden for spectators!

Basic safety rules:

  1. Always occupy the pre-marked viewing points on time!
  2. Never approach the danger areas!
  3. Always stay behind the fences and the barrier tapes placed by the organizers or behind something solid!
  4. Never stand in places that you could not leave in a dangerous situation!
  5. Don’t park your cars in such a way as to block the racers’ path!
  6. Never stand in places that are below road level!
  7. Do not cross the track under any circumstances!
  8. Always think not only of your personal safety, but also the safety and security of the competitors!
  9. Don’t make life harder for the crews!
  10. If there are children with you, do not leave them unattended!
  11. Stay in one place until the end of the special stage. Don’t leave it before the organizers’ car has passed, announcing the end of the special stage!
  12. Do not get dangerously close to the road! The distant position gives better opportunities to observe the competition.
  13. Don’t count on the sound of a racing car coming!
  14. Expect the unexpected!
  15. If the crew of off the road or rolled over vehicle calls for help, think of your personal safety first!
  16. The possibility of being hit by the next car is high!
  17. Your safety, health and life are more important than the event standings!
  18. Don’t lose sight of the cars that pass you by!
  19. Do not distract the organizers from their duties, except in an emergency!
  20. Follow the instructions and orders of the judges, organizers, guards and the police!
  21. Help the judges to ensure the security of the stage.
  22. Keep the nature clean and do not pollute the places from which you follow the rally!
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