Simone Tempestini: I like to race in new places

The World Champion in WRC3 for 2016 Simone Tempestini with co-driver Sergio Itu (Porsche 997 RGT) will be among the most renowned participants in the 52nd edition of Rally Bulgaria which starts today near Veliko Tarnovo.

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Despite his impressive CV, Simone has never competed in Bulgaria, unlike his father, the famous champion of Romania from the recent past, Marco Tempestini.

What are your goals in Rally Bulgaria?

Every time I get into our Porsche I feel real pleasure and have a lot of fun. So my first goal is to keep a smile on my face throughout the race.

We will try to provide a good show for the Bulgarian audience.

You have never competed in Bulgaria,

but you have someone to ask for rally advice here. What did your father tell you about this race?

Yes, this will be my first start in Bulgaria.

My father told me that the stages in Rally Bulgaria are fast, slippery and very technical, which makes the race very interesting, but also very difficult for the debutants in it.

But I like to race in new, unfamiliar places, so I’m sure I’ll have fun here too.

“Rally Bulgaria” is among the oldest car races and the most prestigious in the country. Its 52nd edition will take place between September 1 and 3, 2023 in the Veliko Tarnovo region and is the third round of the national rally championship valid for the European Rally Trophy. It will feature 31 crews from four countries. The race route is 150 km long, divided into thirteen completely new special stages.

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