Rally Bulgaria continues to be part of ERT

Yesterday, at the official FIA assembly in Baku the European Rally Trophy (ERT) calendar was announced. It became clear that Rally Bulgaria (30 – 01 September) will again be part of the FIA championship.

In the 2024 season the number of rounds has been reduced from nineteen to thirteen, with eight more races being rejected by the FIA to our knowledge. This practically reveals that the world federation has taken a step forward in the development of the championship making it more prestigious than it has been in recent years.

“Rally Bulgaria managed to find its place in the more prestigious calendar for the 2024 season of ERT. The decision to move the competition to Veliko Tarnovo was risky, but the ratings and feedback were good. There’s definitely more to work on for next year, but overall we’re happy to stay on the calendar,” revealed a member of the organizing team.

In practice Rally Bulgaria is the only round of ERT in the Balkans, if we do not count the Croatian Rally Zagreb (June 7-9). This could definitely attract significant interest from participants in our neighboring countries compared to this year, since in the 2024 season Rally Serbia is off the calendar, and Romania and Greece will also not organize races in ERT.

Text: bgrallyhd.com

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