Plamen Staykov: We Don’t Conceal Our Ambitions for First Place

Plamen Staykov doesn’t hide his ambition for victory in the 52nd edition of the “Bulgaria” rally. He and his co-driver Rafi Kadri have already achieved one win this season, and the triumph in Veliko Tarnovo will be of vital importance.

Our preparation is similar to any other competition. However, the Bulgaria rally further motivates us, and we don’t conceal our ambitions to attack the first place“, Plamen Staykov reveals in an interview for our media partners from

The presence of foreign competitors has a very positive impact on the competition. What will be evident is that the pace we set together with Martin Surilov is by no means slow. In my opinion, the Romanian competitors will be surprised by our pace.”

Unlike Martin Surilov, Plamen Staykov won’t initiate an attack right from the first stage.

The race is neither excessively long nor too short. I wouldn’t say I’ll be risking at 100%, as I might have needed to do, perhaps, in Shumen. After the initial stages, I’ll assess to what extent I’ll need to take risks. My pace will depend on the competition, but undoubtedly, the emotion and adrenaline from the race itself will push everyone to give their maximum right from the start“, adds Plamen Staykov.

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