Martin Surilov: The Competition is at a Very High Level

The winners of this year’s edition of the “Old Capitals rally – Martin Surilov and Zdravko Zdravkov (Citroen C3 Rally2) hope to continue their victories in the 52nd edition of the Bulgaria rally. They are trailing by 2.8 points compared to Plamen Staikov / Rafi Kadır (Skoda Fabia R5) in the battle for the title, and a triumph in the Veliko Tarnovo-based rally will significantly help them.

“Everything is going according to plan, we are actively working on the car. Everything will be ready for the start,” commented Martin Surilov to our media partners from

However, the resident of Shumen highly appreciates the competition as well as the complexity of the tracks in this year’s edition of the Bulgaria rally.

According to the maps, the stages are quite fast and I think Tempestini definitely has something to show. His car has more power than the Rally2 cars, and if everything works out for him, he will be a very serious competitor to contend with. Overall, I believe that the competition is at a very high level among our competitors. This is a home competition for Miroslav Angelov as well, who certainly knows the stagesbetter.”

Regarding the tactics they will use for the “Bulgaria rally, Martin Surilov answers: “Traditionally, we push from the very beginning of the race to avoid getting into a situation where we have to make up time. Given the length of this competition, we cannot rely on any other strategy.

Image: Martin Surilov’s Facebook Page

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