Martin Surilov and Zdravko Zdravkov won the 52nd Rally Bulgaria

Martin Surilov and Zdravko Zdravkov (Citroen C3 Rally2) etched their names in history as 52nd Rally Bulgaria winners. The MS Rally Team crew conquered a fiercely competitive field and finished with a lead of over two minutes ahead of the 2016 world champions Simone Tempestini and Sergiu Itu (Porsche 997 RGT). Anton Titov and Alexander Spirov (Skoda Fabia R5) secured third place.

The afternoon stages of the final day of the 52nd Rally Bulgaria saw less tension at the top. Martin Surilov managed to control his pace as his main rival, Simone Tempestini, posed no threat to the top spot. Nevertheless, the Romanian driver clinched several stage wins and delighted fans with his attractive car. Third-placed Anton Titov successfully executed his strategy throughout the weekend, earning him a spot on the podium in Bulgaria’s most prestigious competition.

Winners in the FWD and in the RC4 class were Nikola Mishev and Petar Sivov (Peugeot 208 Rally4). Despite fierce competition, they emerged victorious. Kiril Todorov and Angel Bashkehayov (Peugeot 208 R2) secured second place in RC4, trailing by 17.4 seconds. They engaged in a close battle for second with Denis Stanchovski and Nedialko Sivov (Peugeot 208 R2).

Unfortunately, Stanchovski and Sivov suffered an incident shortly after the start of the final stage of the rally, missing the opportunity for a strong performance in Rally Bulgaria.

In third place in the RC4 class and as the third-fastest crew among front-wheel-drive cars are Ekaterina Stratieva and Georgi Avramov (Opel Corsa Rally4).

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